Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are no joking matter. STDs may cause a variety of conditions that may cause a smelly and foul odor. If you lead an active sexual life with more than one partners you’re especially at high risk in contracting STDs. However, having only one partner is not enough to shield yourself from STDs. The information below is just a map for potential causes of fould odor in genitals, so if you suspect contracting STDs – always visit a doctor or health professional! STDs is a serious matter and should never be treated without proper supervision by professionals.

STDs that may cause smell / foul odor:

- Bacterial Vaginosis (abnormal vaginal discharge with smelly fishy odor)

- Gonorrhea (strong fishy smell, vaginal discharge of yellow, green color)

- Chlamydia (yellow discharge from cervix with strong smell)

- Chancroid (foul odor discharge and lesions in the vagina)

- Vaginitis (some forms of it are due to STDs, has characteristic fishy odor)

- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID, caused by other STDs – gonorrhea and chlamydia with similar symptoms)

STD sexully transmitted diseases chart

STD sexully transmitted diseases chart

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