Chancroid – Smelly Vaginal Ulcers and Discharge

Chancroid is quite uncommon sexually transmitted disease (STD). Resulting from the activity of bacteria Haemophylus ducreyi, it can be easily transferred among people, it occurs in about six million cases annually.

Chancroid is more prevalent in areas  affected by a large volume of sexually transmitted diseases. Dangerous and reckless sexual activities contribute to a higher occurrence of chancroid.

This infection is more prevalent in men compared to women. The warning signs or symptoms can be rather minor as well as absent in a lot of women, making them unaware they are infected.


- Smelly and painful vaginal ulcers with foul odor grey vaginal discharge

- Vaginal bumps

-  Swelling of vagina

- Painful and swollen lumps between the abdomen and thighs on both or either sides

- High temperature

Chancroid - Vagial and Penile sores

Chancroid - Vagial and Penile sores

Diagnosis of Chancroid

The diagnosis is verified through showing the bacilli inside smudges produced from the pus.
Immunochromatography: It is a fast diagnostic examination which can be done in 15 minutes. It shows the presence of antibodies in the blood.


Chancroid is easily treatable by antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, erythromycin, azithromycin. Pain associated with chancroid symptoms can be treated by painkillers until the infection is gone.

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